Today, businesses face a myriad of challenges, including the lack of visibility to energy and carbon usage and costs, the complexity of energy and carbon management, and the increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint quickly. However, change is happening now, with an increased focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and long-term risk mitigation. Stakeholders and investors are demanding more disclosure on sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

We Tackle The Root of The Issue: 80% of Carbon Emissions Stem from Energy


At its core, ECOS is a system or a methodology. It’s an approach to energy and carbon management that integrates different aspects of an organization’s operations.


Our data reporting tools and software programs, are tools an organization can use to identify, track, manage, and maintain progress towards their energy and carbon reduction goals.


Our expert, independent procurement support, coaching, training, and planning help an organization better manage its energy usage, costs, and carbon emissions

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Achieve the best value with supply options that both mitigate risk and create environmental footprint reductions. We focus on costs and usage, optimizing your renewable energy, electricity and natural gas purchases, creating long-term savings.  We assist clients with their energy transition to lower carbon options, including electric fleet management, behind-the-fence generation and carbon credits and offsetting to ensure the best mix for each client and their long-term strategic goals.

Goal Setting & Planning

Tailored energy and carbon plans are designed to align with your unique needs, maximizing operational efficiency, adapting to regulatory changes, and involving your team in sustainable practices. A comprehensive framework with five core planning elements guides your sustainability strategy, providing benefits across all sectors.

Data Management

Clients benefit from our software’s comprehensive monitoring and automated reporting on market trends, usage, and costs. Our intuitive dashboards grant clients easy access to energy consumption and carbon emissions data, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize energy usage, and track the progress of their sustainability initiatives in real time, all for their convenience and advantage.

Training & Coaching Program

Empower your organization with tailored training that equip employees at all levels with the knowledge and skills to support sustainability goals, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and continuous improvement in sustainable practices.

How Does ECOS Work?

We’ve Got The Experience To Prove It

ECOS offers several key benefits. First, it improves financial performance and brings significant cost savings. It also helps reduce risks associated with new government regulations, such as avoiding carbon tax. Furthermore, it meets stakeholder expectations, aligning with your customer’s requirements and the evolving requirements of financial institutions. Finally, it provides a competitive advantage in sustainability.

Maximize Profits through Energy Efficiency

Anticipate 5% – 25% annual cost reductions with our proven 360 Energy process. ECOS efficiently manages energy consumption. Harnessing industry best practices, it identifies waste, refines usage habits, and drives cost reductions to bolster your bottom line.

Actionable Steps & Transparent Results

Our process equips clients with the knowledge to take meaningful steps towards energy efficiency and carbon reductions, while showcasing these achievements to stakeholders and investors.

Stay Compliant with Regulations and Vetted Data

Navigate the complexities of ever-evolving global environmental regulations and make informed decisions with ECOS and your dedicated 360 Energy Advisor.

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We’re recognized as a North American leader in energy and carbon management, with over 30 years of experience. Our commitment to implementing global best practices has set new industry standards in energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. Our process can yield a return on investment of 300% or more, with reductions of 5-25% in energy costs. We’re also well-versed in navigating the complexities of ever-evolving global environmental regulations, preparing organizations for greater environmental reporting transparency. With us, you can anticipate meaningful energy efficiency improvements and carbon reductions while showcasing these achievements to stakeholders and investors.

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