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Executive Energy and Carbon Strategic Planning

Business leaders today recognize the need to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, but are struggling to achieve that goal 

360 Energy develops a straightforward strategic plan unique to your organization’s core competencies and resources to accomplish an actionable plan that produces measurable results It serves as a significant demonstration to stakeholders that you are serious about carbon reduction and are on a path to achieve it.  

Our guidance, instruction and facilitation of this process ensures:

  • alignment and understanding across your business units
  • prompt implementation of an actionable strategic plan and execution
  • expert analysis and reporting on progress
  • confidence and decisiveness when addressing energy and carbon concerns in the future
360 Carbon Excellence

Currently, no practical yet simple carbon reporting system exists for organizations to prove and promote their carbon reduction initiatives and successes internally or externally. Implementing and reporting on carbon emissions and reduction strategies is a complicated and overwhelming process. 360 Energy’s Carbon Excellence program simplifies the process with a program that results in clear communications, illustrating its commitment to carbon reduction with all stakeholders.

Carbon Excellence has been proven successful from the following components:

  • Foundation: steps to start the journey
  • Actions: taken to reduce carbon
  • Results: proving absolute and intensity reductions in carbon

Accompanied with ready-to-use talking points and marketing collateral for the organization to promote your commitment to carbon reduction.

Energy and Carbon Coaching

Proven success in organizations of all industries, the Energy & Carbon Coaching Program offers a breakthrough multidisciplinary approach to sustainable cost savings. Utilizing the coaching process, we create awareness, motivate and engage employees at all levels to integrate carbon and energy knowledge in their daily routines. Motivated teams lead to measurable results.

  • Creation of a multidisciplinary team to develop a plan based on strategic direction and members’ input
  • Customized training modules and exercises to increase participants’ literacy
  • Implementing a plan and presenting the outcomes to Senior Management and other teams throughout the year with support from 360 Energy
  • Establishing a process and culture that integrates energy and carbon management best practices to prove measurable savings for your organization.


Energy and Carbon Analytics

Turning analytics into action, the expertise of 360 Energy connects energy and carbon data with decision-making.  A timely understanding of carbon analytics leads to a quick response and measurable results. 

  • 360 Energy supplies expert recommendations to you on a scheduled basis, and we are available to answer all questions and discuss your business processes and concerns.
  • Timely access to this information empowers the organization to take action immediately, driving agility and continuous improvement. 
  • Organizations learn to be more responsive and proactive with fluctuations in the market.

Your organization need more than a base-level understanding of carbon and energy to manage operations. 360 Energy has market expertise and specialized knowledge in optimizing energy demand and usage. Through sourcing qualified suppliers, reviewing master agreements, negotiating contracts and facilitating competitive bids with suppliers, 360 Energy provides a purchasing strategy unique to your organization’s needs.

ENERGY AND CARBON Employee Bootcamp

Energy and carbon management is the responsibility of employees across all levels of an organization. Traditional approaches to energy education make people passive receivers of information through video or written material. Change happens when employees at all levels are engaged. 360 Energy provides immersive multidisciplinary training, putting knowledge into action.

Energy and Carbon Information Hub

Energy and Carbon have become trending topics in the news and online thanks to ongoing research and breakthroughs. But what does the research mean for your organization? 360 Energy translates the research in ways meaningful to your organization – business cases, summaries and strategies. Through our relationships with academic institutions across Canada, 360 Energy provides cutting-edge research needed to be a leader in carbon and energy management.

  • Breakdown to the most recent energy and carbon information available in a way that is meaningful to your organization
  • Access to networks and collaborators
  • Summaries of research, business cases and annotated bibliographies
Energy and Carbon Strategic Planning for greenhouses

Organizations do not have the time or resources to manually advance energy and carbon management on a continual basis. 360 Energy’s Software Platform ensures your company is benchmarked against best practices in sustainability and promotes measurable progress to improve culture and savings. Organizations can add new facilities, data and staff with no disruption to daily operations with ease. The Software Platform doesn’t just help organizations meet their goals—it helps them seamlessly exceed even the most ambitious ones.

We offer:

  • Greenhouse Decision Support software, which overlays your current greenhouse management software with added capabilities and puts greater control into your hands.
  • Enterprise Energy and Carbon Strategy and Management software, which simplifies the delivery and communication of training, planning, monitoring and reporting of your energy savings and carbon reduction progress.

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Carbon Strategy

Since April 2019, the carbon tax has risen by 250%. As the charge increases, it makes up a greater and greater proportion of energy costs and can have a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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