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Greenhouse Optimizer

Greenhouse software
360 Greenhouse software

A secure cloud-based software is an intelligent decision aid that collects energy-related data directly from greenhouse control systems and analyzes the data for growers.

Clearly identify cost, consumption and more with one click of a button!

Get It Done With Us

Your Data in One Place

Our Cloudbased software allows you to find historical data and create forward-thinking scenarios. This allows you to easily compare previous conditions to current and forecasted conditions.

See What's Possible

With access to risk-scenario generation, our solution lets you create decisions that are right for the future of your facility.

Real Time Decision Making

Let our new greenhouse management software guide you smartly through a sea of data to confidently control your greenhouse operations.

"This software has the potential to equip growers and owners with a novel tool as they strive to mitigate increasing energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. Simple graphing and what-if scenarios of energy consumption within specific climate areas and timing of energy rates by day and hour are novel features”.

Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre

"This software allows growers to look forward out of the car window as opposed to looking backwards which is the traditional way of looking past for billing”.

Jim VanRoon CPA

Know your future with AI

360 GrO will provide manual or automated suggestions to optimize your Greenhouse energy costs. Our Greenhouse optimizer gives you flexibility without impacting production when implementing different options. Preview the impact small changes make! 

Greenhouse Grower
greenhouse optimizing software

Reduce Risks

Running a greenhouse is a high-risk business, where one mistake can cost you thousands. Use our built-in what if scenario tool and let scenarios help guide smart changes in your greenhouse facility. Analyze which elements of your operations at different hours of the day, generate the highest costs, so you know what elements to adjust and when to adjust them to reduce costs.

Get Clear On How And When Energy Consumption Occurs.

360 GrO is a custom-built platform to suit your specific business and greenhouse operations. Simple graphing and what-if scenarios of energy consumption within specific climate areas and timing of energy rates by day and hour are novel features of climate control systems. 


Greenhouse Grower Software

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