Energy Procurement and Energy Purchasing Service

Highly successful organizations manage energy supply in tandem with energy efficiency.

Our well-proven strategies will give you an edge on energy procurement: create competition among suppliers for your business; match your purchased volumes with actual requirements; ease back consumption at strategic times; cycle efficiency gains back into your procurement decisions.

As your consultant, 360 Energy works only for your best interests. We make no commission on the sales of electricity, natural gas, or the related transmission and transportation costs.


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“In general, we were skeptical in the beginning, but after discussions with 360 Energy staff, I knew 360 would pull out all the stops to make it work. Looking after the accounts and investigating what can be improved or fixed is done in a quick and timely matter. I have to say this is impressive. I also feel that 360 has a good team together that can tackle any energy needs for St David’s.”

Toine van der Knaap
Owner, St. David’s Hydroponics

“Energy is a big cost of ours, alongside labour. Just like we rely on advice from our crop consultants, as the crop changes so the energy markets change and we need to be aware of these changes and make informed decisions.”

Eric Doef
Owner, Doef's Greenhouses

“360 Energy knew what to ask, and knows our business. I relied on their expertise to structure the RFP around our individual needs. As a result, they were able to secure the best economic and operational agreement for us.”

Gord Shelley
Director of Operations, BERICAP

“360 Energy found a way to reduce my electrical costs by over 33% in one year without capital cost or impacting production.”

Howard Huy
Owner, Howard Huy Greenhouses

“We felt that 360 Energy from the get-go was completely transparent with what goes on in the energy world. We felt we got information that we needed but that wasn’t always clear to us before.”

Mike van Steekelenburg
Owner, CosMic Plants

Energy Procurement services from 360 Energy will help you:

develop your energy procurement strategy to take advantage of volatile energy markets;

obtain the on-site and energy market data required to help you make the right decisions;

build the knowledge to use energy data strategically;



Howard Huy knew he was paying too much of global adjustment. That is why he acted without hesitating when he read 360 Energy’s plan to reduce his costs.