Energy Training & Coaching

Embedding energy management in your organizational culture will ensure savings and cost avoidance are sustained over time.

It will help spread an ethic of continuous improvement to other areas of business management. All your departments will be engaged, employees will gain knowledge and understand how their role is relevant. Your workforce will have the appropriate skills, tools, mandate, and confidence to succeed.

Like any important change management process, this won’t happen overnight. Success will come from deliberate, strategic and coordinated activity among a diversity of people over a period of time.


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“It’s not policy setting per se, it’s about behavioural change. We’re going through a cultural shift. If it’s a moment in time then we’ve failed, but if this is something that becomes embraced by the larger corporation, by GO Transit, on a day to day basis, then we’ve scored a goal.”

Greg Percy
Chief Operating Officer, Metrolinx

“We felt that 360 Energy from the get-go was completely transparent with what goes on in the energy world. We felt we got information that we needed but that wasn’t always clear to us before.”

Mike van Steekelenburg
Owner, CosMic Plants

“Pursuing the energy management initiative and getting everyone in the same room as a team and seeing how each other’s roles interfaced with the energy management initiative; that in itself, really just being in that group and having a common goal, built a better team.”

Robin Manzer
Production Manager, St. Marys Cement, St. Marys Ontario Plant

“This process has taught me about how we purchase energy, how we use energy, and most of all it’s not just a number on a spreadsheet. I think that anyone with a financial background would benefit by taking one of these programs.”

“Through the energy program, I have been surprised at the magnitude of opportunities that we have found for energy cost savings… Energy management is now an on-going conversation on site where it wasn’t before.”

Mandy Wychreschuk

“The changes we need won’t happen overnight. I see the value of this program in changing the way we see ourselves. Eventually, we need to become an energy efficient plant that manufactures, instead of a manufacturing plant that uses energy. That is how we will remain competitive into the future.”

Rob Hunt
Plant Manager, Durez Canada

Energy Training Services from 360 Energy will help you:

develop multi-disciplinary teams and keep them motivated;

focus on the strategic application of data;

build on employee competencies and experience to apply to energy savings;


Durez Canada has seen significant savings as a result of their participation in the energy coach program. But their company has benefited not just financially, but operationally.