Sustainable Energy Solutions & Carbon Management

Both public and private sector players are taking steps to address the world’s climate risks and energy security.

Cap & Trade programs, carbon taxes, renewable energy, and energy storage technology are real and growing market forces. They present both challenges and great opportunities.

Companies that look to the future are preparing now to leverage these opportunities, utilizing sustainable energy systems to manage carbon emissions, reduce business risks and remain resilient in changing times.


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Sustainable energy solutions from 360 Energy will help you:

succeed within new carbon-related regulations to minimize fees and create revenue opportunities;

become more energy efficient, reduce overall consumption and generate revenue from verified emissions credits;

assess how investments in renewable energy and battery storage may reduce your energy costs and improve supply reliability;


Once Samuel, Son & Co realized that energy is controllable, it turned to 360 Energy to take energy management beyond just energy procurement.


Carbon Strategy

Since April 2019, the carbon tax has risen by 250%. As the charge increases, it makes up a greater and greater proportion of energy costs and can have a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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