Nelson Steel needed a more effective method to control skyrocketing energy costs. 360 helped track and analyze Nelson’s usage to create cost savings.

“360’s expertise in energy data collection and reporting gave us the energy tools we needed, allowing us to better manage our energy spending for all our plants. 360 Energy has become an invaluable member of our energy team, assisting in all areas of our energy procurement and management.” – Bill McCloy


Nelson Steel is a division of Samuel Manu-Tech Inc., a company that produces and distributes a wide range of steel products and related services from locations in Canada and the United States. Since 1973, Nelson Steel has provided steel-pickling services for the steel manufacturing industry, supporting mainly the automotive, fabrication and appliance industries.


Nelson Steel needed a more effective method to control skyrocketing energy costs.


By monitoring and aggregating Nelson’s natural-gas consumption, 360 immediately identified that this client was qualified for utility rate optimization. With this knowledge, Nelson Steel was able to switch utility rates, which resulted in immediate cost savings. In fact, 360’s usage data reports saved Nelson Steel $80,000.


Each day, 360 electronically polls the meter at Nelson Steel’s facility, collecting information on the plant’s energy consumption. This data is then transformed into a precise, easy-to-read report that is emailed directly to the plant managers. It identifies immediate and long-term impacts to energy consumption caused by changes in their operations. With this knowledge, Nelson Steel can budget more accurately and improve control over their energy costs.