Industrial Sector

Manufacturing and industrial operations are increasingly competitive.

You know that innovation will drive quality and efficiency. You know knowledge and agile management are essential. With them you can leverage emerging technology, manage changing regulations, and buffer risk of fluctuating markets. You are a strong leader, but the language of energy is new to you. It is hard to know where to start.

Our expert guidance and support will help your company achieve a high return in a short time.

360 Energy Services for the Industrial Sector Include:

Sustainable energy solutions & carbon management

Energy & carbon offset procurement

Energy training & coaching

Energy & carbon reporting

Energy Audits

Certification in Energy Excellence

“You have to understand what the data means and how to use it. Once you know your energy story, you can control its outcome.”

Mike Cadesky, Corporate Manager, Indirect Procurement
Samuel, Son & Co.

“360 Energy knew what to ask, and knows our business. I relied on their expertise to structure the RFP around our individual needs. As a result, they were able to secure the best economic and operational agreement for us.”

Gord Shelley
Director of Operations, BERICAP

“The Certification in Energy Excellence pushes us to dig deeper, to find real savings and not just become good at management processes.  CEE also addresses energy costs from multiple angles, not just energy efficiency.”

Louis Kaye
Plant Accounting Manager, St. Marys Cement, Bowmanville Plant

“Pursuing the energy management initiative and getting everyone in the same room as a team and seeing how each other’s roles interfaced with the energy management initiative; that in itself, really just being in that group and having a common goal, built a better team.”

Robin Manzer
Production Manager, St. Marys Cement, St. Marys Ontario Plant

“Through the energy program, I have been surprised at the magnitude of opportunities that we have found for energy cost savings… Energy management is now an on-going conversation on site where it wasn’t before.”

Mandy Wychreschuk

“360’s expertise in energy data collection and reporting gave us the energy tools we needed, allowing us to better manage our energy spending for all our plants. 360 Energy has become an invaluable member of our energy team, assisting in all areas of our energy procurement and management.”

Bill McCloy

“The changes we need won’t happen overnight. I see the value of this program in changing the way we see ourselves. Eventually, we need to become an energy efficient plant that manufactures, instead of a manufacturing plant that uses energy. That is how we will remain competitive into the future.”

Rob Hunt
Plant Manager, Durez Canada

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