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As 80% of carbon is tied up in energy use, your organization must take on energy efficiency to meet carbon reduction targets.

A North American leader for businesses seeking impactful solutions to meet energy and carbon efficiency goals. 


360 Software Solutions

360 Greenhouse Optimizer TM – the intelligent decision-making tool for greenhouse growers. With 360 Greenhouse Optimizer, you can collect energy-related data directly from your greenhouse control systems and analyze it to make informed decisions about your greenhouse operations.

360 Carbon Excellence TM engages your whole organization and provides guidance and progress measurement. With simplified reporting, and ready-to-use documentation to showcase your carbon reduction actions and progress. Saving you time in satisfying stakeholder requests.

Strategic Partner

Through our partnership approach to meeting carbon targets, our clients have achieved energy savings between 5-25%. We work as an extension of your team to achieve results across your organization, and empower your team members to tackle energy and carbon challenges head on.

Carbon Strategy

Direct Communication

Your strategic plan that is developed includes materials to provide to internal and external stakeholders with a clear roadmap to achieve targets.

Clear Results

Your organization will achieve clear results, cost savings and carbon footprint reduction while providing stakeholders with a clear roadmap to achieve targets

Cross Functional Collaboration

Team members across your organization will understand their different roles and how their individual contributions can achieve a common goal. Through improved literacy of energy and environmental issues, 360 Energy empowers your team with the knowledge to take action and control energy and carbon emissions.


Energy and carbon are not the responsibility of one person. Change happens when teams work together and everyone is accountabile.


Energy and carbon solutions must be treated holistically; they cannot be isolated from other departments. For example, members from the C-Suite, accounting and maintenance all have a key role to play. 

What We Offer

Taking on energy and carbon may sound like a daunting task. Our solutions give you the knowledge to take action and achieve goals. Your organization will have the confidence to continuously find opportunities for sustainable improvements.


You need to understand energy usage and carbon emissions to manage them. Through our programs, we provide the knowledge needed to successfully implement change. As a bonus, clients of 360 Energy are kept up-to-date with our newsletters and Trusted Advisor.


What needs to happen in order to see change in your organization? 360 Energy partners with you to understand and develop a strategy tailored specifically to your organizations’ needs.


Measurable results that are easily delivered to internal and external stakeholders, who are demanding action on all ESG-related matters. We analyze your current usage and expenses related to energy to create a baseline to understand where your organization is currently, and to measure the impact of strategies.


Your organization needs more than a base-level understanding of energy and carbon to manage operations. 360 Energy has market expertise and specialized knowledge in optimizing energy demand and usage. Through sourcing qualified suppliers, reviewing master agreements, negotiating contracts and facilitating competitive bids with suppliers, 360 Energy provides a purchasing strategy unique to your organization’s needs.

At 360 Energy we do not take commissions or fees of any kind from your potential suppliers. We do not work for them. We work for you.


360 Energy has helped our team uncover savings that we had not previously considered, and established processes to ensure those new savings are measured and sustained over time. In today’s marketplace, being cost-competitive takes more than just tough negotiation with materials and suppliers. Staying competitive requires a keen understanding of all input costs, data and the variables that cause those to fluctuate. 

Rod Crawford

President, Manufacturing Division, Samuel Sons & Co

Energy is a big cost of ours, alongside labour. Just like we rely on advice from our crop consultants, as the crop changes so the energy markets change, and we need to be aware of these changes and make informed decisions.

Eric Doef

Owner, Doef’s Greenhouses

We have a long-term relationship with 360 Energy that started with them being our natural gas consultant. Through the years, 360 Energy has been the one constant we can rely on. With this knowledge gained from working with 360, we not only tackled our low-hanging fruit, but we continued to identify many less conventional conservation and energy procurement ideas. Surprisingly enough, 50% of the savings we have achieved have not required company capital. Energy management is a sound business investment and has provided significant returns.

Robert Hunt

Plant Manager, Durez Canada

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