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    Please join us for a complimentary, exclusive breakfast meeting on  Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 8am at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 20 Fen Ridge Ct, Brantford ON. Energy- why you should care!   Energy is one of your top 3 expenses. For the...

Is ISO 50001 Right for Your Company?

Join us on Nov 29th for a FREE WEBINAR! Is the ISO 50001 energy standard right for your company? Learn all about it from an objective point of view!    What difference does ISO 50001 make? Does ISO 50001 save money? How can your company extract value from...
Carbon Strategy

Since April 2019, the carbon tax has risen by 250%. As the charge increases, it makes up a greater and greater proportion of energy costs and can have a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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