360 Energy is pleased to announce the purchase of the worldwide rights to Sustainable Energy Planning (SEP) from David Mahoney (formerly GEM Management Consultants Inc). Since 2005, the Sustainable Energy Planning process has helped over 4,000 participants from over 750 organizations throughout North America to improve their organization’s ability to manage energy. 360 Energy assists organizations in the energy planning process using the licensed rights to the SEP Intellectual Property as part of the Journey to Energy Excellence. The SEP process is an essential tool to help support senior managements implement sustainable energy planning for their organization. SEP is also very helpful in supporting applicants in the Certification of Energy Excellence as well as ISO 50001 certification.

Sustainable Energy Planning programming allows organizations to develop an energy plan that suits their strategy, needs and goals. The process trains participants not only in how to develop an energy plan, but how to use the plan to drive sustainable action throughout the organization. The hands-on process gives participants the experience and knowledge needed to overcome obstacles within the planning process, along with a template and format for their own plan.

With superior customer service, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to improving bottom-line performance, 360 Energy consistently strives to exceed client expectations. The purchase of the Sustainable Energy Planning process will further help customer’s improve profitability and environmental performance.

If you want more information on how this process can benefit your company, please contact david.arkell@360energy.net.

To see how other organizations have benefited from Sustainable Energy Planning, read our Success Stories, or read about the Town of Caledon’s success here:

Caledon Case Study

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