Did you time all your holiday shopping around Black Friday? If yes, we applaud you for getting the shopping mall stress over early.  For those with people still on their list, here are some ideas for energy conscious gifts that may earn you extra points for creativity this year.

The Gift of Quiet and Connection: Coupons for a BlackOut Party

In today’s world, time for personal connections can slip away in a swipe of a screen. If you remember the East-coast blackout of 2003, you may recall enjoying the stars or playing charades for the first time in years. Recreate this event by giving a black-out party: redeemable in the long nights of Jan or Feb. For one evening, shut off lights, computer, phone and T.V.  Prepare in advance your favourite snacks and drinks (ideally served room temperature), have candles for light and ambiance, and bring out cards, a board game, or stories to share.



The Gift of Warm and Cozy: Blankets, Sweaters and Slippers

Do you like to keep your thermostat and your energy bills low, but your family or roommates prefer tropical temperatures? Gift them cozy sweaters and fluffy blankets. There are also slippers with microwavable inserts to ensure toasty toes. A feeling of warm feet can change how the whole body feels!




The Gift of Energy Savings…Disguised as the Gift of Time!

Do you or your family find cooking is time consuming and hard to fit into a busy day? A pressure cooker screams “practicality” which may not be the message you’re looking to gift. But a good pressure cooker can reduce both cooking time and energy by up to 70%.  Leaving all that time for the other more fun (or urgent!) activities you have in your week.


Of course, there are many other energy-efficient and earth-friendly gifts to consider such as LED light bulbs, rechargeable batteries and chargers, portable energy meters, solar powered gadgets, low-flow bathroom fixtures and more! And if you are still holding on to your old incandescent holiday lights, be sure to hit the post-holiday sales when strings of LED lights are on deep discount!

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season and prosperous New Year, no matter how or where you celebrate, or what kinds of gifts you choose in the end!

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