June 8, 2018 (Ancaster, ON) – Canadian firm 360 Energy Inc. is set to power three sessions at a prestigious annual international energy conference with three cutting-edge presentations.

Dave Arkell, president and CEO of 360 Energy, will join the who’s who of industry experts at the 40th Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC 2018), which takes place in New Orleans from June 12-14. The IETC is hosted by the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. It features topics important to industrial energy managers, utility experts, government program managers, energy efficiency suppliers, and product manufacturers.

“Designing and implementing comprehensive energy management programs and strategies have been at the heart of what we do for almost a quarter century,” said Arkell. “It is encouraging to see these approaches really starting to move into the mainstream.”

Arkell’s presentations begin with an Energy Managers’ Workshop on the first day, where he’ll review the energy measurement standards/certification in North America including, ISO 50001, Energy Star, Superior Energy Performance (SEP), and Certification in Energy Excellence (CEE). Arkell will weigh key features and attributes of each program, the sectors and organizational function each is best suited to, and how companies can get maximum value from them.

Arkell then co-hosts two further IETC sessions including one focusing on the use of “small data” to boost energy performance profitability. On that same day, Arkell takes part in a third session called Strategic Energy Management, a deeper dive where he discusses maximizing profitability – by using a broad-based holistic approach to improve energy performance.

“As more and more attention is being brought to bear on the real opportunities for companies to improve energy performance, reduce consumption and GHGs through energy management programs, it’s important to assess the design and delivery of those programs to ensure your organization is really optimizing its performance, and not just going through the motions,” Arkell said. “Understanding the opportunities for additional savings through energy procurement are also a key piece to the overall savings equation.”

Supported by expertise from firms like 360 Energy, IETC includes the latest technologies and expertise on smart manufacturing, corporate energy management, energy opportunity analysis, and case studies of successful efficiency projects.

About 360 Energy Inc.

Based in Ancaster, Ontario, 360 Energy Inc. is a leading North American strategic energy management solutions consultancy. It’s innovative strategies deliver effective energy management practices, that include: sustainable energy solutions, energy procurement, energy training/coaching, reporting and audits, and certifications. 360 Energy focuses on energy best-practices in areas such as energy competitiveness, performance, sourcing and cost-savings plans. Their leading energy management strategies create winning, highly-competitive organizations and show immediate savings and lasting benefits to a company’s bottom line.

About the IETC

The Industrial Energy Technology Conference was created in 1979 to meet the needs of the industrial energy community. Unique in its industrial energy and waste reduction focus, the annual conference and Energy Managers’ Workshop are designed to serve the professionals who are involved in the production, use, or transportation of energy, or in designing and evaluating energy-related equipment and waste reduction practices. IETC attracts an audience from North America and internationally, and is major importance in educating the industrial energy community regarding industrial innovations.

For More Information:
Dave Arkell, President and CEO 360 Energy Inc. at: 905.304.6001 ext 221 or david.arkell@360energy.net.

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