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The news continues to be dominated by the impact of coronavirus. People are reacting and are over reacting to the news.  Here are some ideas to navigate through this pandemic, regain a sense of control, ease anxiety and support others. 

  1. Educate yourself. There is a lot of misinformation going around about COVID-19 on social media. 
  2. Only pay attention to information from reliable and credible sources such as: 

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Canadian Public Health Services

  1. Follow the advice they give you. Wash hands regularly. Refrain from handshaking. Stay home whenever possible. Avoid all unnecessary public gatherings.

Remember, it is always a good idea to: 

  • Boost your immune system.  
  • Get enough sleep. 
  • Eat healthy foods. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Stay calm. 

Stress can actually lower the immune response. Remain mindful of the things for which you are grateful. Gratitude is an antidote to fear. 

Carbon Strategy

Since April 2019, the carbon tax has risen by 250%. As the charge increases, it makes up a greater and greater proportion of energy costs and can have a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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