Energy management is people management – coordinating the contributions of many people across an organization to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency. 

The energy management process can stall for several reasons. Key champions take vacations. Key staff may be furloughed due to pandemic measures. Individuals may be absent because of serious illness or family emergencies. Positions become vacant as people take employment elsewhere. 

The risk of stalling increases if energy management is the responsibility of only one person.

Here are some ways to mitigate the risk of disruptions caused by vacation breaks and other staffing changes:

  1. Work as a team. Spread responsibility for energy management throughout your organization. That minimizes the risk of disruption associated with any one individual’s absence. Designate who will ensure key activities continue when someone is away.
  2. Make use of data sources. Accommodate access by multiple users to your billing information, regardless of vacation schedules or work locations. (360 Energy customers can take advantage of our secure online portal)
  3. Keep records. Proper record-keeping retains organizational knowledge of energy management activities. Records also provide valuable insights when tracking savings associated with projects over time. Save records in shared locations, so the records always remain accessible to all team members.
  4. Track results: The best way to maintain momentum is to demonstrate results. Regularly track and report energy use and cost data. It helps identify savings opportunities. Tracking results also tells the important story of lessons learned for continual improvement. Sharing and publicizing results make projects more visible and increase the motivation and commitment to do more. 

It is easy for energy management activities to stall. Take a team-based approach using these tactics. You will better position your organization for success with energy cost savings, workplace satisfaction and personal achievement.

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