Energy Leaders Join Forces, Bringing Research to Market Decision-Makers

The Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) and 360 Energy Inc. are joining forces. Beginning this fall, the two organizations will jointly present a series of roundtables to a cross section of Ontario based business, indigenous and not-for-profit leaders, academics, regulators, and policy makers. The roundtables will showcase the latest and most pertinent energy research insights from CERI. 360 Energy and CERI are undertaking this initiative to help Canadian based organizations become more productive, sustainable and cost competitive in their energy purchase and consumption decisions.

Allan Fogwill is the CEO of CERI. He welcomes the shared effort: “CERI is pleased to work with 360 Energy to place our policy research directly into the hands of market decision makers. It is part of CERI’s strategy to reach out across Canada to engage with energy consumers as well as to our other stakeholders. 360 Energy provides an important channel to assist with that endeavour”.

CERI is one of Canada’s pre-eminent energy research organizations. Its mission is to “provide relevant, independent and objective economic research of energy and environmental issues to benefit business, government, academia and the public”.

We at 360 Energy are also delighted at the joint agreement with CERI. Climate, energy and the environment are increasingly the headlines of current affairs. Business executives often lack the details and facts to make informed purchase and consumption decisions for their organizations. CERI is a highly respected economic research body with knowledge that executive leaders need. This partnership will help close that gap in the marketplace.

For more information about 360 Energy, click here.

For more information about CERI, click here.


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