When you have a problem, who do you call? If you’ve got a leaky sink, you call a plumber.  An outlet is not working?  Perhaps it’s time to call an electrician.  The furnace is not heating thehouse?  Call an HVAC technician.  

Most of us don’t have the skill set to do all those things. And if we do try to repair things by doing it ourselves, sometimes they aren’t fixed all that well.  Trying to save money fixing things by ourselves can sometimes be expensive. You end up spending money on a specialist to come in and clean up your efforts – as well as the original problem!  More often than not, the best idea would have been to call in the specialist in the first place. 

The same is true for purchasing energy. If your dedicated focus is on growing tomatoes, or manufacturing car parts, or controlling the costs in a large corporation, you’ve got a lot of specialized knowledge to do your job well. You’re not likely concentrating on what energy markets are doing at any given moment, or knowing the right time and price to purchase yourenergy requirements. That’s ok.  Every organization needs energy. When you decide to go to market to procure it, more than likely you will need a specialist to step in and help.   

You take your car for regular maintenance to a mechanic. In the same way, use an energy advisor and figure out the best time and price to purchase your energy requirements.  Many people may balk at the idea of spending money up front to get a better deal. When buying energy, it’s far too easy to pay more than you should. The money spent on a knowledgeableconsultant can avoid unnecessary costs and pitfalls.  

An energy procurement specialist can be akin to having a trusted car mechanic.  Just as your mechanic may have a number of sources for parts to get you the most reasonable prices, anindependent energy consultant has a line on what different energy suppliers have to offer.  

A trusted mechanic has proven they have your best interests at heart. A trusted energy advisor gives you peace of mind knowing they are following markets on a daily basis for the right time to buy and liaising with a number of potential suppliers to get you competitive prices. You can rest assured they are continually reviewing potential energy market factors that could impact your best interests. 

Just as most of us wouldn’t take on swapping out an electrical panel in our home, most of us shouldn’t take on energy procurement for our business.  It’s too big a risk that a “do-it-yourselfer” would get electrocuted messing with electricity. Likewise, procuring energy without the dedicated knowledge and attention it deserves could also zap you hard.  

Reduce risks and avoid costs. When you need to procure energy, get the specialized help when you need it.  

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