Corporate leaders need to be objectively informed about the implications of climate change.

There are risks associated with climate change. The risks are regulatory and financial. The risks can also include access to capital, customer retention, corporate reputation, and insurability.

It is time that Executives had the resources they need to help them take advantage of the business opportunities in the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Please join 360 Energy at a breakfast briefing with Bob Willard to explore these topics. The event will include a panel of executives from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, the City of Burlington, and Samuel, Son and Co.

Executive Briefing on Climate Change, Risks, and Opportunities 


7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

3132 SOUTH DR,


(Port Nelson United Church)

Dr. Bob Willard is one of Canada’s leading experts on quantifying the business value of sustainability strategies. He has given over 1,300 presentations, authored six books and developed extensive resources for sustainability champions. Bob is an award-winning Certified B Corp and Certified Sustainability Professional. Bob has a PhD in sustainability from the University of Toronto.

For the last year, Bob Willard has worked with CPA Canada to develop appropriate Executive and Board climate change presentations. 

This briefing will include:

  • Climate change refresher;
  • Business and economic risks of climate change;
  • Climate change-related opportunities for your company;
  • Best practices for executive management to prepare for climate change impacts.

Following the presentation, a panel of practitioners will share their insights: Carla Y. Nell, President and CEO of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce; Lynn Robichaud, Senior Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Burlington; and John Lennartz, VP Engineering, Quality and Continuous Improvement for Samuel, Son and Co. 



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