Nov 3, 2017


Canadian companies interested in the “ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry” need a clear picture before getting on board. John Pooley, Vice President, Program Development for 360 Energy Inc. told Canadian industry executives and managers that becoming more sophisticated in their knowledge about their energy use will be key.  His comments came as he unveiled a road map for participation in the ENERGY STAR Challenge during a customer briefing on November 2nd.


Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr, recently challenged industrial and manufacturing plants, as well as aggregate operations and greenhouses, to improve energy efficiency by 10 percent within five years. He claimed the ENERGY STAR Challenge will improve their productivity, environmental performance and bottom lines.


Mr. Pooley said the benefits cited by the Minister can be achieved only with adequate preparation.  A business must first map their current energy use.  Managers need basic information such as how much energy is used in production and how much is used for heating and lighting. Then, decisions are needed on a production metric and to determine if success is feasible. A plant that is expected to increase its production will find the ENERGY STAR Challenge easier to meet than one that is not, Pooley noted.


He gave participants a check list of 5 critical questions to answer before enrolling:

  1. Can meters report production based energy use separate from other energy uses?
  2. What proportion of energy use is specifically production-based?
  3. Is there a single measure of production for the whole plant/site?
  4. Is it possible to improve the energy target by 10% for at least 12 months?
  5. What are the benefits from participating?


David Arkell, CEO of 360 Energy, applauded any program that makes Canadian business more competitive and efficient. “ISO 50001, 360 Energy’s Certification in Energy Excellence and our Energy Coach Program are tools that can help industry get in front of the energy challenges we are facing. We welcome the Minister introducing the ENERGY STAR Challenge as one more tool that can help.”


Arkell added that without engagement and awareness from senior management, programs will sit on a shelf. Managers tend to only use such programs when they know how energy is impacting their operations.  Businesses only proactively prepare for what lies ahead when they are equipped with good energy information. “Knowledge is critical”, Arkell concluded.


The briefing was one of a series of initiatives 360 Energy Inc. is organizing to make the challenges and benefits of energy management more widely understood in the market place.


Both Arkell and Pooley committed to share with government officials the feedback and insights they receive from Canadian energy consumers. “We need to ensure that programs, such as the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, meet the real needs of Canadian businesses”, Pooley concluded.


Energy users wanting to learn more about the Energy Star Challenge and strategically managing their company’s energy usage and costs can contact David Arkell directly at 1-877-431-0332.

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