The Hamilton members of the Association of Energy Engineers hosted David Arkell from 360 Energy Inc who spoke about Canadian energy literacy and how changes coast to coast in all utility billing delivery would increase customer literacy rates and at the same time improve organizational performance.


Taking place at a local manufacturing plant, Nelson Steel in Stoney Creek, the members were granted an excellent opportunity to learn how most customer processes ignore utility billing information value. As Arkell expressed, “I am here today to encourage the AEE to consider working with and supporting a national working group, The Utility Billing Data Accessibility Working Group, in the research and implementation of their findings. This working group is striving to find better solutions for customers to collect critical utility bill information which seems to be the bottle neck to customer literacy. If more people in every organization had full access to utility information and receive that information in a timely manner, more accountability and action on energy would occur which would create greater savings for every organization in the country”.


The Association of Energy Engineers’ mission is to promote the scientific and educational interests of those engaged in the energy industry and to foster action for sustainable development.


The Utility Billing Data Accessibility Working Group is working to transform Canada’s energy and water systems by making utility billing data easy to access and use. It is a panel of independent assessors with knowledge and experience in a variety of roles within the utility energy sector.

Learn more about this initiative in the group’s white paper.



For More Information, Please Contact:

David Arkell

360 Energy Inc.



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