A year ago, we never imagined that 2020 would turn out like this. The COVID year has tested us and defined us in ways we could never have imagined. 

Everyone has been touched in some way by this pandemic. However, some jurisdictions have fared better than others. Countries with experience fighting the SARS virus, were the best prepared. Taiwan for example, with a population of 24 million people has had less than 800 cases and 7 deaths.  

In Canada, the Atlantic bubble has shown how collaborative and coordinated leadership has managed to contain community spread of the virus. 

When organizations commit to addressing a risk – whether energy, climate or COVID – outcomes follow a familiar pattern. Committed leadership with clear priorities, undertaking collaborative action, usually always win the day. 

Managing energy in organizations has been a great teacher to me. Applying “energy management” principles to “COVID management” actions reveals some important observations:  

  1. Leadership matters. Committed leaders made a big difference in the outcomes achieved. 
  2. Taking control is a choice. Leaders that acted to stamp out the virus had faster success in restarting their economies than those who did not. 
  3. Risks must be managed. Jurisdictions that recognized and acted on the emerging COVID risk did better than those that ignored it.  
  4. Giving responsibility to one person marginalizes the capacity to act. Where leaders acted on the advice of their Chief Medical Health Officers, their jurisdictions fared better.  
  5. Cross-functional teams create opportunities. The rapid global development of COVID vaccines was an unprecedented international collaborative effort of research and development teams. 
  6. Organizations that learn, thrive. We don’t yet know how COVID is altering our culture. However, places that learn from their mistakes will almost certainly do better than those places that don’t. 

I’m choosing to end the year on an optimistic note. COVID vaccines are on their way. There is a pent up demand to re-start the economy. We crave re-establishing valued social connections and relationships. 

I’m also optimistic we will want to build back better. The pain and grief we have gone through has to mean something. 

I believe we will not ignore systemic risks. There is an appetite to apply what we have learned and tackle the climate challenge. 

To our many friends, colleagues and customers – remember that the work you do managing energy will always remain relevant, vital and leading edge. 

My sincere thanks for being with us on our common journey of achieving energy excellence together. May you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.

Happy Holidays from all of us at 360 Energy!

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