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Carbon Solutions Toolkit

At 360 Energy we have a suite of carbon tools that can help you understand, manage and reduce your carbon emissions. But why would you want to look at carbon?

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Many of the major corporations are turning their focus on climate change and GHG emissions. Added to this there is an increasing background of climate change-related legislation and regulation around the world. The latest is China’s commitment to net zero by 2060. Energy (carbon) related emissions are the biggest single source of GHG emissions, so addressing carbon is the best way of responding to these pressures.

Carbon solutions also address environmental and sustainability concerns.

Initially you may not consider carbon a priority, but what is clear is that with more and more global corporations committing to net zero, pressure will come along the supply chain to reduce GHG emissions. Sooner or later you will need to act.

So, how could you benefit from carbon solutions?

  • Reduced operating costs – by reducing energy use or increasing energy efficiency you become more profitable
  • Enhanced reputation – consumers and other view companies not only by their products and services but by their behaviour and reducing carbon is a positive behaviour
  • Identifying where and how you are at risk from climate change – future-proofing
  • Better relations with customers – if you are supplying a customer who has committed to net zero, they will be looking to you to tell them about your carbon emissions
  • Being ahead of potential legislation and regulation
  • Gaining better access to funding – banks and investors are increasingly looking at the environmental performance of companies before investing
  • Maintaining credit rating – it is possible that companies not addressing carbon issues may see their credit rating reduced
  • Potentially avoiding insurance penalties -in a ‘hard’ insurance market, premiums will take account of environmental performance
  • Improved longer-term planning by understanding the impact of carbon on the business
  • Becoming a more attractive employer – young people entering the job market want to work for responsible organizations
  • Reinvigorating energy management by using the carbon lens
  • Being a more successful and profitable company – which is all the above

To find out exactly how you could benefit from carbon solutions start the carbon conversation with 360 Energy.

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