Local Roles for Global Goals

The Hydrogen Business Council is pleased to announce the sixth of its successful hydrogen conference events planned for Nov. 19, 2020. This conference will be all virtual in order to avoid large in-person gatherings.

The live conference link is https://pheedloop.com/hbc2020/site/home/. This will give you full access to the entire provisional program and will include real-time viewing of presentations on Nov. 19 and also provide access to view sessions after the fact.

Standard admission tickets are for sale until Oct. 31. However, 360 Energy followers can use promo code 360ENERGY20 until Oct. 31 to register their ticket at the previous early-bird price! Thereafter, the ticket price will increase to the late registrant price from Nov. 1 until the start of the conference.

The theme of this conference will be “Hydrogen, Sustainability and Finance: Local Roles for Global Goals”. Simply put, exploring the entire suite of clean hydrogen applications as part of a broader effort to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. Done in a way that creates an emergent and self-sustaining Canadian community of end-users, product suppliers, project developers, system integrators, and supporting infrastructure. We can achieve some serious reductions in CO2 emissions and can make economic use of off-peak ‘surplus’ power that is derived from low or zero-emission sources to make ‘green’ hydrogen.

Some of the speakers and session themes that will be part of our conference program:

  • Welcome – from Jeff Yurek, Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks.
  • Opening address from Robyn Collver, Senior VP Canadian Tire Corporation – CTC Hydrogen Vision and Plan
  • Why the Deployment of Hydrogen Technology Solutions is at the heart of Global Sustainability
  • Developing Significant Hydrogen Production and Utilization Projects – and how to ‘Green Fund’ them
  • Keynote Speaker Mark Kirby of CHFCA – Canadian Hydrogen Technology Development and Global Impacts
  • The Business Case for Hydrogen as ‘clean’ Transportation Fuel derived from Surplus Electricity
  • Hydrogen Bus Fleets – what products are available now and which transit agencies are adoption leaders
  • The accelerating pace to replace diesel fuel with hydrogen for medium and long haul freight movement
  • Hydrail – the Status and Highlights of the Metrolinx exploration of Hydrogen Electric GO Trains
  • Creating the Hydrogen Economic Ecosystem – the role for policymakers and progressive communities
  • Building hydrogen Infrastructure in Ontario to fuel cars, busses, trucks, trains and ‘green’ industrial users
  • Emergent hydrogen production technologies, and emergent hydrogen marine and aerospace applications

They are still confirming and adding more speakers, panelists and moderators for multiple session themes. A final agenda will be sent to all registrants the first week of November. If you wish to get more information or if your organization would like to sponsor this event and/or become an HBC member contact robert.stasko@scienceconcepts.ca.

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