Following several talks this year in the Canadian marketplace, Stephen Schork sat down with David Arkell, President for 360 Energy Inc., to discuss market analysis and his thoughts on where the oil and gas industry is headed in the next five years.

Section 1: Never take the here and now and apply it to the future

Question 1 – What made you want to get into the energy profession?

Question 2 – What makes a good energy analyst?

Question 3 – Why is technical analysis so important to use when managing energy portfolios?

Section 2: Follow the Money

Question 4 – Is there any technical analysis you use that is particularly helpful in examining certain commodities?

Question 5 –When you look at the oil, natural gas and electricity, is there any market that you find more challenging than others to analyze?

Section 3 – Is the market correctly valued? A volatile 2016

Question 6 – When you look at your reporting, how do balance fundamentals with technical analysis?

Question 7 – As an analyst how do you think we can make markets better, so end users can become more active in managing energy?

Section 4: A low price energy environment in North America

Question 8 – Due to Sarbanes Oxley, we have found some organizations fearful of hedging. Is that changing based on your perspective?

Question 9 – What changes do you see occurring in the next 5 years that will impact the energy market from a customer perspective?

Stephen Schork is the founder and editor of The Schork Report, a newsletter providing technical and fundamental analysis on the energy, cash and financial markets, which has been in publication since 2005. He is highly regarded in the energy industry and is often asked to speak on CNBC and for

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