Jul 27, 2011

The Advisory Board for 360 Energy Inc.’s Certification in Energy Excellence (CEE) has confirmed that the recently introduced ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard will serve as an important step for organizations seeking to participate in CEE. Although these are two distinct programs, they complement each other very well.

ISO 50001 establishes a consistent framework for managing energy use by entire organizations. The Certification in Energy Excellence goes one step further by demonstrating how much an organization is improving its energy performance.

The Advisory Board is in full agreement with Natural Resources Canada’s statement that “ISO 50001 is an invaluable tool for any organization wishing to ensure conformity to its own stated energy policy and planning to demonstrate management conformity to others”.

Board Member Marion Fraser, a longstanding energy management practitioner in Ontario, noted that “combining ISO 50001 with Certification in Energy Excellence will provide recognition for those organizations who are demonstrating a management process to control energy as well as actually reduce energy usage and GHG emissions on a consistently measured basis”.

At their meeting in the offices of the Toronto Board of Trade, the Advisory Board also strongly endorsed 360 Energy Inc.’s efforts to promote ISO 50001 to both their existing and potential industrial clients as tool to achieve energy excellence and become eligible for Certification under 360’s program.

360 Energy Inc. is one of North America’s leading energy services firms providing comprehensive and effective energy management programs and energy saving initiatives through its head office in Burlington, Ontario. It has clients across North America in a variety of sectors.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. ISO has a membership of some 160 national standards bodies from countries large and small, industrialized, developing and in transition, in all regions of the world. ISO’s portfolio of over 18,600 standards provides business, government and society with practical tools for all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

The Advisory Board for CEE includes independent eminent energy management practitioners from industry, commerce, academic, and the public sector. Its role is to ensure that the Certification in Energy Excellence operates to a high and consistent standard through providing strategic advice to 360 Energy.


David Arkell,

360 Energy Inc.

905-634-8877 Ext. 21


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