Have You Put Energy into Your New Year Resolutions?

Welcome to 2020! 

To all our many friends and clients, I wish you the very best for the coming year. 

Have you resolved to control your energy costs this year? It is still not too late for new year resolutions!

Energy will define 2020 and the new decade ahead. The future will belong to those that master the use of energy to reduce their costs, and carbon emissions. 

One of our customers informs us that controlling their energy use in 2019 was equivalent to adding over $10 Million in sales revenue. Seemingly small actions on energy can have big impacts on the bottom line. Your action on energy will help your organization thrive in the years ahead. 

There are 5 reasons why you will want to make energy management a priority in 2020:

1. Actively managing energy puts you in control. Understanding utility bills will empower you to root out hidden costs. You don’t have to continue paying whatever prices you are offered. You don’t have to remain vulnerable in the energy market.



2. Energy costs are volatile and will increase. Controlling your energy use reduces your costs and improves your long-term competitiveness.


3. Energy is a vital component in risk management. Companies in supply chains, dependent on supplying only three or four customers, must be particularly vigilant. Companies in low margin sectors remain viable and profitable with a strong energy management program.


4. Investors are paying closer attention to financial disclosures that identify exposure to climate risks. Proactively managing energy and reducing carbon emissions responds positively to this increased scrutiny.

5. The distinctions between energy consumer and energy producer are becoming blurred. Innovative companies are considering the advantage of installing on-site generation. Companies can also be taken for a ride if they are not careful. Energy literacy is necessary to make the most of these new opportunities.

Taking action on your energy use will increase shareholder and stakeholder value. Managing energy is a differentiator in winning new business. 

My hope is that you will be energized and resolved to accomplish great things this year and in the new decade. 

David Arkell, CEO,

360 Energy

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