Perry SadorskyPerry Sadorsky is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto. He teaches courses in Applied Macroeconomics, Economic Forecasting and Analysis and Carbon Finance. His research focuses on business issues related to energy, the natural environment and financial markets.

David Arkell, 360 Energy CEO, interviewed Dr. Sadorsky and asked him to explain what Ontario businesses might expect from the cap and trade program.

Dr. Sadorsky discusses considerations in how Ontario’s cap and trade program might be set up, particularly in comparison to British Columbia’s Carbon Tax.

Big influences on Ontario’s cap and trade program include the following considerations:

  • The provincial government has to set an emissions cap that means something
  • Coverage. Which industries will be regulated by the cap?
  • Allocation of emission permits. Europe trading schemes have flooded the market with permits, so the price for carbon has plummeted.
  • The interview is about 45 minutes in length. It can be heard here:


    Dr. Sadorsky’s blog can be accessed here:

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