There are new scams being tried every day. How can you know if the phone call you’re receiving is legitimate or not? 

Is someone requesting payment for your utility bill? NEVER, EVER, give any details over the phone. 

First things first: How can you tell if it is the actual utility company calling?

  1. They will Identify themselves using their name and the full name of the utility company. 
  2. They will reference your account number, not ask you for it.
  3. They will let you know what the problem is but not accept payment themselves. They will point you back to your bill or the utility website for further information on payment options. Customer service representatives do not accept payment over the phone! 
  4. There is always a written notice before a shut-off, not just a phone call.

If at any point you still have concerns and want to check further, the utility will have no problem if you want to do proper due diligence and double check that they are in fact calling you about an outstanding payment. 

Take these next few steps to keep yourself safe:

  1. Get the name of the person calling you, customer ID (if this is legitimate, they will provide this) and the amount they say is outstanding. Do not confirm account numbers, customer name or address over the phone.  Do not give out Tax IDs or Social Security numbers.
  2. If they are calling about your plant and 360 Energy is your energy advisor:
    1. Call us. We will double check and either make sure payment is made or rule it out as a scam. You don’t need to worry any further about this.
  3. If they are calling about your plant and 360 Energy is not your advisor. Call your utility:
    1. Pull your most recent invoice. Review the amount due and the invoice due date. 
    2. Call the customer service number on the bill – do not call the number back that called you. Always dial it directly. 
    3. Ask the customer service representative to confirm the status of your account. 
    4. If payment is outstanding, work through why they did not receive your payment and request any extension (if needed) to correct the issue. Most utilities will issue an extension if you have good payment history and there was an honest mistake made where payment was delayed or lost. 
    5. If no payment is outstanding, the person who called was likely a scammer.
  4. If they are calling about your home utility bill:
    1. Call the utility directly from your home phone.  
    2. Provide them with the details of the person who called and what they said was outstanding. Confirm your account status.
    3. Follow the same process as recommended above. 

Remember: Never confirm information over the phone with someone calling you. Always call the utility directly!

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