There’s a saying, “the journey of a thousand miles always starts with the first step”.

But even before taking the first step, the thousand-mile journey has to be an important one, or why would you even begin?

For every company, for every manufacturer, controlling energy and reducing carbon emissions is likely the most important journey we will ever take. Here’s why.

We know the risks of climate change are real. The carbon emissions that come from burning fossil fuels trap heat in our atmosphere and warms our planet. 75% of Canadians worry about climate change. Their level of concern is driving action from the government, customers, investors and financial markets.

I believe that risk creates opportunities. The journey to control energy and carbon emissions is surely one of the most exciting we could be on. Why wouldn’t we embark on this journey?

Many Canadian companies have already started. Leaders at three transformative businesses recently shared their stories with 360 Energy. Here’s what they said:

  • Taking climate action requires purposeful leadership. Maple Leaf Foods decided their purpose is to “Raise the Good in Food”. That commitment to doing good is guiding their vision to be ‘the most sustainable protein company on earth’. Canada’s food marketplace is being transformed by the steps they are taking.
  • Corporate climate action needs commitment from the top. Get executive approval. Start small, show success and build upon it. Samuel, Son & Co. is a fifth-generation Canadian company established in 1885. Four years ago, their leadership supported a pilot energy management project. Today, they are implementing energy efficiency changes in over 40% of their 85 sites across North America.
  • Use solid, accurate baseline data to identify the best energy cost reductions. Implementing conservation measures saves money on utility bills. But now, they can also reduce financing and borrowing costs. BMO recently mobilized $300 Billion for sustainability financing as part of a transformation taking place in capital markets worldwide. Other Canadian banks are following their lead. Data that verifies real climate progress can help access multi-cost savings.

The journey to transform our societies’ use of energy has many, many steps. However, we have the benefit of following in the footsteps of these icons of Canadian business.

I and our 360 Energy team look forward to walking this exciting journey with them and with you!

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