When a strong team works together, they can make magic happen. Each member in a strong team knows their role and is committed to it. They also know, no one succeeds unless everyone succeeds. So, they help each other, and like magic, the pieces come together.

The energy management team at Samuel, Son & Co. Limited, Metal Spinners group in Angola, Indiana is a strong team that makes magic happen.

“Team Surge” has cut more than 15% from their annual utility costs since mid-2019. After adjusting for production levels and weather factors, they have also reduced over 400 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. 

In December, Team Surge made Christmas magic happen outside their workplace.

360 Energy asked for responses to a customer feedback survey and offered a charitable donation as an incentive. The first three teams to provide survey responses from all their team members could direct the 360 Energy donation to a charitable cause of their choice.

Team Surge was on it – right away. Despite having the largest team across all Samuel sites, and with one member away on sick leave, every team member responded quickly. Team Surge was the first team to claim the charitable donation.

Team Surge wanted to brighten up Christmas for families struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using local networks, two families were identified who could use holiday cheer.

Using the donation money, members of Team Surge purchased full sets of warm winter outdoor clothing, Christmas dinner, a warm blanket as well as toys and treats for the kids in the two families. The 12-year-old daughter of a team member even filled a backpack with her own stuffed toys and added it to the gift collection – all out of love for children she had never met!

Chrissy Debeau, the lead of Team Surge, put in extra time over her vacation to ensure the parcels were wrapped and delivered safely.  “The joy I saw on the faces of the little girl and her family when we delivered the gifts and food was worth more than any amount of money.  We did a great thing, team; I thank everyone who helped in any way as this was truly a team effort. I am so proud to have been part of this,” she writes.

Samuel, Son & Co. Limited employees created Christmas magic. Their story is an inspiration for all of us at 360 Energy.  In addition to the Angola contribution, quick-responding energy teams at Samuel, Son & Co., Limited’s London, Ontario and Surrey, B.C. locations received donations to their respective local food banks.

“Thank you!”, to all the participating energy teams at Samuel, Son & Co. Limited. Collectively, they have shown that so much is possible when teams work together for everyone’s success.

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