Sustainability champions, take note. Big changes are coming in the automotive sector.  

Formula 1, the world’s most extreme and demanding motor sport championship circuit, has committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2021 and net zero carbon emissions by 2030.  

There is substance behind this pledge:  

  • The 2022 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will source all the energy used in its facilities from renewable energy.  It has spurred construction of a major solar project in Bahrain.  
  • A renewable biofuel from biowaste that meets the stringent requirements for F1 vehicles will soon be mandatory. It will be available from 2021 for events that also include the European Truck Racing Championship. 

Motor sports fans may not yet notice these carbon emissions commitments. But automotive manufacturers certainly do.  Competitive Formula 1 racing has long been the laboratory to test next-generation technology in the auto sector. Formula 1, racing to net zero emissions by 2030, is a green flag for transformative change through their industry worldwide.   

GM announced earlier this year, that by 2035, they will only make vehicles powered by electricity. A week later, Ford announced the doubling of its investment in electric vehicles (EV). The shift by these two American auto makers follows the route taken by European companies such as Volkswagen.  How disruptive is this market? Tesla is worth more than Exxon Mobil, BP, Ford, Nissan and GM  combined

The FIA is the international governing body for Formula 1 racing and other motor sports.  The FIA is also the world federation for motoring organisations such as the Canadian Automobile Association. The ambitious FIA and Formula 1 carbon reduction strategy boosts the environmental drive for change throughout the automotive supply chain.   

Motor sports fans will likely never find themselves behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car. The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is to improve energy efficiency and safety in everyday driving. “At the end of this year’s season a big final is held where the top 20 smartest drivers compete head-to-head and the winner is crowned the Smartest Driver 2021,” states the FIA website. Sustainability champions can join the competition here.  

The global race to reduce carbon emissions just got a lot more fun and a lot faster.  

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