360 Energy and the Utility Billing Data Access Working Group (UBDAWG) are pleased to publish their White Paper reviewing the state of utility billing data access across Canada and the U.S. The paper, Transforming Energy Management in Canada, highlights problems that end-users experience under the current utility billing system, and evaluates a variety of alternatives which could enhance customers’ abilities to harness the energy management information provided by utilities.

The paper is a result of a collection of customers, utility representatives, energy market analysts, technical experts, and billing data processing stakeholders who came together as the Utility Billing Data Access Working Group. The team, with 360 Energy’s facilitation, identified and evaluated potential solutions to the billing issues experienced by customers. The issues were highlighted in the following quote: “My organization’s biggest challenge in energy management is the lack of timely access to our utility billing data. Without it, we cannot operate as efficiently or effectively as necessary to achieve energy management and greenhouse gas emission savings.”

It is clear that a national dialogue is needed to improve the utility billing process if we want customers to become proactive in managing energy. Transforming Energy Management in Canada is just the first stage in that dialogue. For real change to occur, individuals and organizations alike need to speak up, making their voice heard in demanding easier access to their information. Learn about what can be done to make energy management easier for your organization.


Click here for the white paper


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