An energy manager recently told me his company was a “price taker” when it came to energy costs – in other words, they were not continually evaluating their procurement strategy. 

Today, entrepreneurs need to take action. They cannot afford to take prices.  

Far too many managers, at far too many companies, believe energy cannot be controlled. They wrongly assume they have to pay whatever rate they are offered by their local incumbent energy suppliers. They also wrongly assume that energy use cannot be reduced. Both beliefs are simply untrue. 

I left the utility business and started 360 Energy because I wanted to help organizations take control of their energy use and energy costs. I knew then, most energy users were paying more and using more than they needed to.  Sadly, this is still the case at companies all over North America.   But I now have over 30 years of evidence to prove that companies do not have to be passive energy price takers or wasteful users. They have choices.  

With the right leadership, education and the right internal management processes, engaged employee teams are continually achieving measurable reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions year after year.  

Energy is just like any other input – it can be used wastefully or productively. It is subject to market forces. Substitutes are available. Improvements can always be made. 

360 Energy has helped organization after organization understand and prove that controlling energy is not only possible, controlling energy also saves money, improves productivity and builds an educated entrepreneurial culture. 

If energy users think energy can’t be controlled, it’s understandable that they then throw up their hands and say carbon emissions can’t be controlled either. For them, the only way to fix energy and the environment is through government intervention and subsidies for new technology. 

360 Energy is working on a national initiative to improve energy productivity and economic competitiveness. It is built on the premise that energy and carbon emissions are controllable.  The economic recovery must start with energy users, tap their corporate leaders and call out their entrepreneurial skills. We need Canadian organizations to become proactive in managing energy.  If successful, the initiative will make Canada’s economy more cost-competitive and will help Canada achieve real, lasting and sustainable emission reductions. 

The need for a post-COVID recovery is making us question many assumptions. Our limiting beliefs about energy use and energy costs now have to go. They have been around way too long. 

Are you ready to make a positive change?

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more or in helping to make this happen.   

360 designs and implements energy strategies in order to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and avoid unnecessary energy cost.

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