The United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow has ended. President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau promised to reduce carbon emissions 50% and 40%, respectively, by 2030. After the many words spoken and the Glasgow Climate Pact signed, what are the implications?

Three realities that every organization needs to understand:

  1. Over the next decade, markets and citizens will force governments to transform energy systems worldwide to keep the average global temperature rise to 1.5°C.
  2. Businesses that act today on that reality will prosper. Those that defy will struggle.
  3. Energy use and carbon emissions in your business are controllable. Take whatever steps are necessary to make your management of energy and carbon a strategic priority. You can thrive in the turbulence that’s here.

Can North American businesses deliver the carbon emissions promised?

Our clients across North America have consistently achieved significant cost savings and organizational effectiveness when the management of energy became their strategic priority. Whether private or public sector organizations, “energy literacy” has saved them up to 25% with little capital investment.

Managing how we use energy is foundational to reducing CO2 emissions. Burning fossil fuels creates CO2 – the gas that traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere and is responsible for warming our climate.

We recently polled some of our 360 Energy network. They told us that business, government and consumers all have a role in dropping our carbon emissions by half in the next 8 years. They told us they want to reduce their environmental impact but have to remain prosperous while doing so.

Management tools and technology are available to aid companies in controlling energy.

Accessing the knowledge and putting it to work is the first barrier to overcome when building prosperous and environmentally-friendly companies.

I believe that businesses can embrace the reality of our challenge, find the will and apply their entrepreneurial skills to the task.

The challenges COP26 presented can be solved. I’m excited that 360 Energy and our clients will be showing the way.

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