Exclusive Interview with Glenn Murray

Hon. Glen Murray, the Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, recently spoke with David Arkell, CEO of 360 Energy. Minister Murray spoke about climate risks, his hopes for the future and the challenges of transitioning Ontario to a low carbon economy.

If the world fails to manage climate risks, the consequences are so significant, they will dwarf anything else we want to do in the years ahead, says Ontario Environment Minister, Glen Murray. “Action to address climate is one of the most important and pressing priorities we have as a government.”

Murray noted that Ontarians will need to keep two numbers top of mind in the years ahead: 4 and 6. “We cannot allow average global temperatures to exceed 4 degrees Celsius, which the world is currently on track to exceed.” That average temperature increase will alter food supplies and many of the conditions that have made human civilization flourish. “The second number is 6. 6 trillion dollars. That is the investment and the growth in the economy it will take to transition Ontario to a low carbon economy”, Murray added.

Read the edited transcript of the full interview with Minister Glen Murray here

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